A Note is Not Just a Note

What if you could somehow have everyone you care about in your life
absolutely know how important they are to you?

What if you could have those people somehow know without doubt
the depths of your love, care, and appreciation?

After my 101 Love Poems project, I was looking for a way to somehow communicate
my love to my fiancée in a way that she ‘got it’.

So I started writing her little love notes. Often on cards, sometimes on stray paper,
on mirrors, wherever, but written.

From there I began writing notes of thanks to many of the people that make such a difference in the miracle that is my life. Without fail each one went out of their way to communicate what a difference that hand-written note made in their day, and often, they never knew how important they were to me. Wow.

So I came up with this idea:
What if I started a project where all of my friends, and their friends, and anyone who wants could
turn the 28 days of February into a love and appreciation note month?!?

So for each day of the “month of love”, we write a hand-written note to someone in our lives that we love or appreciate, whether you know them well or not, whether they are alive or not, whether you have their address or not. It could be to 28 different people, or to the same person in 28 different ways.

It could be to your best friend, mom or to your barista at starbucks who just really takes care of you.

Who’s excited!?

So for the whole month of Feb I’ll be writing on my tips for writing, lots of how-to’s, and hopefully supporting you in having what is true for you really out there, heard by those you care about, felt tangibly and communicated powerfully, and giving the greatest gift anyone can give: your heart

To join the writing, all you have to do is write to someone.

If you’d like to post about it, you can here:

Have fun,


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