Feb 2019 – Best Write Love Month, Ever!

It’s been a few years since we really promoted the month formally and boy oh boy will this year’s WLM be awesome!

What is Write Love Month?

WLM is an idea to create connection, community, and the experience of gratitude by creating
a hand-written note of love or appreciation every day in the month of February.

So what’s new for the 2019 WLM?

  • Multiple Meet-Ups per week for people to write and share and get support! They will be at our Yoga Better Studio in the 1st Ward.
  • As always – free cards and stationary for people to use at Meet-Ups
  • A new Instagram account @writelovemonth in addition to facebook facebook.com/writelovemonth
  • A new PO Box for people to send their notes to people they either don’t know how to, or can’t reach. 
  • A commissioned Burning Box for those PO Box letters; a PO Box box. This unopenable box will be ceremonially burned in March or April at a shindig at my home. Everyone’s invited! 

And finally, this year, I will be personally meeting with and inviting every small business in houston that sells cards and stationary to join in, participate, promote, and share the project so that Houston can be a hub of this revival.

Do you know a business that would love this? Email them this page, or email me their name: writelovemonth@gmail.com

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