Day 1 2019 in the Books

My first note was to my dad. I had been enjoying hosting and entreating everyone to write their notes, but only wrote mine after 9pm. I teared up from the fatigue of the day, the emotions of hearing your stories, and how present I was to the love of my father.

I was my wife’s note recipient. I read her note aloud till the last paragraph, then I could only finish silently for the cracking if my voice. Even then, it took a bit to really read the last sentence through the years of sweetness.

I was surprised. This stuff works, even when you’ve been at it for years. Plus, she’s good at this whole, note-writing thing. Why did I cry? Her writing was vivid. She told me how she felt. When she felt it. Painted the picture of her experience. And, whoosh…there’s my heart.

At the outset, she confessed to not having or knowing anything to say. She then had the brilliant idea to just open up the Guidebook. And wouldn’t you know it! Direction, movement, clarity.

That’s a win from the jaws of un-inspiration!

How awesome was it that Noted Design Co. just up and shared their space, their time, their talents (check out those fliers!). This won’t be the last you hear of them!

Join us this Sunday at 1pm (Feb 3) at Yoga Better Studio for our weekly meetup.

All the love,

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