2+3 – Meetups, Family & Tips

Nick gave a great tip I didn’t put in the Guidebook:

Start with the easy people in your life!

It doesn’t have to hard or heavy. Getting present to the things you appreciate with people is a rusty language so sometimes you’ll get blocked or overwhelmed. When that happens, pick an easy person.

How about your local barista: “Thanks for remembering my name, of all those hundreds of people you see every day. I appreciate that and is one of the reasons I come here.” That’s it!

Today we had our first Meetup 2019 at Yoga Better Studio. We joke and laughed, but my favorite moments were when we were quite and quite literally, the pens and pencils were doing the talking. Nothing but furious, excited scratching and scraping of loving, joyful communication.

Next week – Dromgooles in the Village – 1-3pm!

My letter was to my ex-wife and friend Dana. She is a great influence on our children and I live that I can call her and her family friends.

Pen same as yesterday – Published – Pilot Falcon sf, ink – Herbin 1670 Stormy Grey

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