4+5 – Unopenable Box is Here!

I was asked today about intimacy and how to recreate what was lost between a couple.

First of all, if people ask you questions like that, you know you’re doing something well. Second, as you hear in our second podcast, you don’t generate connection in from a vacuum. It’s a cumulative investment in the relationship. We often relate to connection like putting $10 in the stock market and later that hour yelling for your $1,000,000. That’s not how investments work, silly!

I play the long game in all of my ventures and measure things in years rather than minutes. Like the saying goes:

When is the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago, of course! Second best time? Right now, this minute.

Putting connection and intimacy and love and family and future and generosity in the space of your relationships can happen right now. That’s the planting of that seed. Take care of those moments and they grow.

Today I picked up The Unopenable Box from Patrick Renner. For those of you that don’t know Patrick, he is the embodiment of a person transforming their relationship to work. He works. He loves it. And because he just so happens to have vision and taste as an artist, that work translates to crazy successful materializations of that vision.

P agreed to make a box for his old friend for literally a bag of peanuts, and though he is allergic to peanuts, his result is fantastic.

How cool is that?!

Every meetup will feature The Unopenable Box. During the week, you’ll find it at Yoga Better Studio.

The first 5 days we so friggin inspiring. Share your stories here, on fb, and on Instagram.

– Andrew

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