About WLM

I started writing love notes when I finished a Love Poetry Project for my now-wife, I Am For Her (‘Iamb for Her’ pun), for which I wrote 101 love poems in 101 days. 

I learned and grew so much from that 3 month period that, once complete (and then engaged after an epically romantic conclusion), I was curious what would be the next project or practice to fill the vacuum.

That’s where this project came from. I began writing her Love Notes with easy regularity and they were a hit. I made a binder and gave her a place for them to exist after the initial fun, opening period.

I was so taken by the work, I started writing hand-written notes to most everyone in my life. Boy! Did they appreciate that! In most cases, those notes transmitted a kind of ‘knowledge of caring’ I didn’t think was possible. In other words, they recipients ‘knew’ that I cared about them in a more true and lasting way than before. 

Those hand-written notes transformed my relationships with those people.

When it came time to create a project for a leadership course in 2011, Write Love Month simply popped into existence. Since our first year in 2012 we had more than 100 participants and have, with our modest idea, put some sweetness and love back into the month of February.

The idea of Write Love Month is for everyone! Join us here on the website, on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/writelovemonth/), or on instagram (https://www.instagram.com/writelovemonth/) to share your ideas, successes, and work. We absolutely love to see your comments, suggestions, and most importantly, questions

And if you live or are visiting the Houston area in February, we’ll be having meet ups multiple times a week, free cards, and other fun, very much free support to renew this wonderful skill and tradition.

Our Mailing Address for your letters to the unknown:
PO Box 55843
Houston, Texas 77255

Big Love from Houston,
Andrew + the Funky Bunch